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Founder and Facilitator 

Meet Megan 

Megan loves connecting people to opportunities and imbuing the journey with fun.  Some of her previous roles included hiring, onboarding, and training across the non-profit, ministry, public, and private sectors.

She started Career Currents after noticing a trend among young adults and professionals. After doing all the ‘right’ things- going to college, doing the internships (oh so many internships), and getting the experience- they still felt completely lost once entering the job market.

Often, they're told that there is a silver bullet to 'success' and have expectations based on dated career advice.  


Whether participants are college-bound or not, graduates or current students, the time eventually comes when they have to navigate the “what’s next?” of their professional journeys.  Yes, it is a journey AND it doesn’t have to be daunting! 


Career Currents professional development training is crafted to be relevant and applicable. After all, it's no use offering someone a tool that no longer works or is the wrong tool for them.  

Megan's training style and content equip participants to be prepared for and even enjoy discovering their career current.


Megan lives in Tennessee with her pothos and hedgehog plush. She graduated from Florida International University (go panthers!) and is a two-time AmeriCorps alumnus. When not facilitating, you can catch her reading a good book, eating ramen, or going on an adventure.

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